Here are a selection of our cadets favorite activities, both on parade nights and on weekends. Browse through them, be aware however we do more activities than those on this page, however there would be too many to list!

Being the AIR Cadets, we do have the incredible chance to go flying and gliding. We fly the Grob T1 Tutor aircraft, it is a dual seat, single prop aircraft, while it may seem small and weak, in your flight you can opt to do aerobatics and be subject to forces of up to +4G! Aerobatics may not be for you if you have a weak stomach, or some common sense, alternatively take a cinematic tour from the sky of the local area. The flight will be around 40 minutes and is just an experience, however you are more than likely to get the chance to take control of the aircraft and practice some basic maneuvers and even a trick or two (parents fear not, the primary pilot seat is taken by an ex-RAF pilot, with years of experience and expertise)

Fieldcraft camouflage cream
For some, fieldcraft is the highlight of cadets.  We do theory training for it on parade nights and then exercises in the field when we're away on camp. 
'Fieldcraft is amazing! Especially when we do night exersises away on camp, you can get covered in cam cream and crawl around, or watch and collect intel, I've never enjoyed myself so much'
A key point of fieldcraft is concealment, so as shown to the left, you can get camouflaged and creep around stealthily, achieving some sort of goal.

We sometimes go camping just as a squadron for the weekend around the local area, covering activities such as walking, D of E skills, map reading, but generally just having fun.
There are also local camps with other squadrons for fieldcraft activities or perhaps an oppurtunity to shoot.

The best camps, however, are the week long annual camps where we visit operational RAF stations.
Examples of stations we have visited in the past include: RAF Leuchars, MOD Boscome Down, RAF Boulmer, RAF Valley, RAF Conningsby, and new oppurtunities are available every year!!
Any cadets that have been on one or more will tell you it is one of the best things they have ever done within the corps.

Other events in the year include RIAT: the Royal International Air Tatoo. We have been succesful in the past in being allowed to go and help with the running of the event, running tasks like crowd control, setting up the grounds before showday, and clearing up afterwards.
It can't be left unmentioned that perks come with the hard work you put in, as an exmaple a group from our squadron got a personal tour around the Red Arrows (see gallery) and got to meet the pilots. On showday we are openly invited by pilots to see their aircraft, being allowed under barriers and up close to aircraft where the general public aren't. A chance not worth missing!

We are very lucky to have our own shooting range at the Civic Hall as well as trained shooting instructors.  At the squadron we shoot with the No. 8 .22 rifle but we also have days away to local shooting ranges where we shoot with the L98 A2. You have the opportunity to gain marksmanship badges, developing skill in handling firearms.

Drill and Parades
At the start of our parade nights we will begin with a short period of drill practice, to regular military standard. Not only does this develop a great level of discipline and self-control, but also part of it is to upkeep your uniform, which is a useful life skill.  We also often are asked to public events which require us to march, such as Remembrance Day each year, and we need to practice so we look on point.
There is also an annual competition between all squadrons in Cumbria and Lancashire, so we obviously aim to win!

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Through cadets you have the chance to partake in the Duke of Edinburgh award. It is a natioanlly recognised award and at cadets we cover all levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The DofE award is great to put on your CV, plus it develops new skills, not to mention useful lifeskills. If you do it through cadets you are also open tio a much wider variety of skills and sports, maybe even some you didn't know existed! It is highly advised all cadets do it and you gain so many skills it's worth it. For more info visit:

With the handy facility of a lake near the squadron and out own kayaks and canoes, in the summer we can try our hand at some of these great water-sports.  We can even work towards qualifications such as the 1 and 2 star kayak and canoe awards.
There is a yearly paddlesports course as well, an amazing week in the lake district, further improving on the skills developed at squadron.

Wing Training Day
Contrary to its name, Wing Training Day (WTD) is actually a competition between all the squadrons in the 'Wing' (in our case, Cumbria and Lancashire).  There are many events including shooting, first aid, modelling and drill, all of which we start preparing for a few months before competition day, around April, in order to do as well as we can. We have won trophies almost every year so help us keep up the winning streak!