Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ATC?  ATC stands for Air Training Corps and is otherwise known as the Air Cadets.  It is a cadet organisation for 12-20 year olds.  Find out more about the Corps in general at this address:
  • When do you meet?  We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm (if you're busy with school then you're perfectly welcome to come for just one night a week).  We also go camping occasionally at the weekends as a squadron as well as longer week long camps with other squadrons - sometimes an RAF base.
  • Common uniform types. Wedgewoods: many public and ceremonious events.  Working blues: most cadets nights and flying.  Greens: Rough work and many activities e.g. fieldcraft.  Sports: anything in which you can comfortably do sporting activities - NO JEANS.  Civvies: not uniform, casual clothes.
  • Will I be expected to buy my own uniform?  Both the Wedgwood and working blue uniforms are provided by the squadron (apart from parade shoes).  Although you will need to buy the greens yourself, sometimes cadets will have old greens which they will be happy to pass on the the new cadets.  Don't worry, you don't need any of the uniform before you join, we'll tell you all about what you need when you arrive.

  • What's the uniform tonight?  Take a look at the calendar page above, it should be on there.  Also look at older Facebook posts, someone might already have asked.  The uniform might have been mentioned on the last parade night – can you remember from then?
  • I can't see calendar e.g. permission denied.  Try again in a few minutes – it might be an internet problem.  You shouldn't need to be logged into any Google account as the calendar is now public.
  • Do I need DPM waterproofs for camp?  They're useful but generally civilian waterproofs will be fine as long as the colours are not too bright.
  • Where can I buy X bit of cadet kit (e.g. DPMS, boots etc.)?  There are a few places to try: GR and RD Taylors in Kirby Lonsdale is very popular and at a good price; is expensive (very expensive) but has quick delivery and is of good quality; eBay is also a good place to try.  Finally, squadron often has stuff in stores which you can borrow for camps.
  • Do I need to bring my 3822?  Yes.  Always.  Don't even think about not bringing it!